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Meet Cosmic Mi

Astrologer, Youtuber,

Creative Coach & Glam Guru

German/Brazilian moonchild Mi Gerer usually has her head in the stars but comes back to earth ever so often to give astrological readings. She is the original creator & writer of the Galoroscopes & has previously been providing forecasts for GALORE Magazine, MADE New York, & Wild Galaxies.


Mi studies both the psyche and the cosmos and launched Bigger Picture: "Astrology for the Next Generation" in 2016. Each person has a unique birth chart /divine DNA. Planets do not affect our actions, but they assist & are able to...

Transform Your Life 

An analysis of a birth chart can provide deep insight into your personality, motivations, and desires. Combined with transits we can find out the "divine timing" for you to act in a particular area of your life to reach your goals.